Paralegal Resumes

You'll need to prepare a professional paralegal resume when you are applying for various types of positions after completing your paralegal training and education program. If it's your first time securing a job in this field, take some time to look at paralegal resume samples so that your paralegal resume includes all of the necessary and relevant information your future employer is looking for. You can choose to write this resume on your own or hire a professional resume writer to prepare a paralegal resume on your behalf. It's always important to include a cover letter and make sure your career goals and work experience are communicated clearly within the resume.

Finding a Paralegal Resume Sample

If it's your first time writing a professional resume, take a look at a paralegal resume sample online and look at the job descriptions of various types of paralegal positions in your area. A paralegal resume sample can serve as a blueprint when writing your resume, and you can use it to better organize each element of your resume. You'll find paralegal resume samples for a variety of paralegals positions and related positions in the field, so take some time to review at least three or four different samples until you find one that you feel will be a good fit for you. Use the sample as a guide to outline and write your own professional resume.

Key Elements of Professional Paralegal Resumes

When you are reviewing different paralegal resumes, you'll find that the content is laid out in a specific way and each section contains very specific information. The key elements of a paralegal resume include:

  • Career objective or career goals - a personal statement that clearly conveys what you expect to bring to your professional career, and what you expect to get out of it. Be as specific as possible in this area.
  • Education - one of the most critical parts of a paralegal resume, this section needs to outline all of the education you have completed, including certification programs and degrees you hold. Make sure to include information on any advanced courses in the areas of law office management, legal research and writing, and litigation experience here.
  • Training - include all relevant work experience and any internships or externships you completed during your paralegal studies. Remember that most employers are looking for experienced and highly-trained professionals, regardless of their education level. If you have a few years of work experience, make sure you include the dates of employment, the employer and the key duties and responsibilities of your position.
  • Skills - write a bulleted list of all relevant skills and areas of expertise here. This might include proficiency in a foreign language, public speaking skills and your typing speed.

Tips for Writing a Paralegal Resume

Here are some important things to keep in mind when you are preparing the paralegal resume yourself:

  • Format your paralegal resume so that it's easy to read, and use a professional-looking font
  • Try to make your resume fit on one page
  • Customize your resume for the position or a particular employer
  • Proofread it thoroughly so you don't have any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors
  • Consider posting your paralegal resume online so that employers can find you

Creating a professional-looking paralegal resume can take some time, but it can help to look at a paralegal resume sample to speed up the process. Make sure your resume clearly reflects your education, expertise and experience so that prospective employers are inclined to hire you.